My Top 5 Most Randomest & Most Public Sex Spots

Sex in public areas is exhilarating. There is a huge rush through your veins with the very thought of getting caught or being in a new sex spot.

Public is about anywhere outside someone’s home or bedroom. If you live in a busy city, you have an array of options to consider public. Or, if you’re the girl from the Popeyes video, then you understand what public means. Having sex in public is for the spontaneous and adventurous.

I’m discussing my personal favorites, (off experience, of course), and I hope to toss a few dirty ideas in your head.

#5 Rooftop

  • This sounds random, and that it was. It was a very chilly night when I was coming from a date. I recall it was the September/October type of breeze. The grooves and blocks on your typical apartment building rooftop came in very handy that night. I had room to hold on (while being bent over). Also, it was so much easier to ride because straddling felt comfortable with the height from the floor being low and firm. The cool air was a perfect touch at the right moments because of sweating, breathing heavy, and feeling a nice cooling sensation on my pussy. Definitely an A1 choice of location.

#4 Park

  • So for this one, I’ll discuss two separate parks. One was in the middle of a grassy area of a baseball field, in the dark, but the possibility of being seen was still high. Most baseball parks have parking nearby and we risked being seen with cars driving by. Anyway, that night in particular sticks out in my mind because the moon was out and lit up the field. Also, the grass added great comfort. Another park, was in the middle of the woodsy area of your typical park. (If you’re from Brooklyn, think Prospect Park.) The trees perfectly supported my shenanigans (sorry, Mother Nature).

#3 Hotel Balcony

  • I’ve experienced this on vacation with the beach in the background and it’s a pretty sight. This makes it public because on vacation you have hotel neighbors. You may even have someone across the way on their own hotel balcony. Depending on the balcony, you may have chairs or a table, and this is just more props to make sex comfortable. I like doing a lot of positions so all it does it assist in my grand ol’ time.

#2 Driveway

  • I can’t equate this to a car because it was not my driveway (God, forgive me). It was a frigid night, but I just could not wait to get back inside. At the time, I wanted to be spontaneous. This was fun because we were in the middle of a close-knit residential neighborhood. I tried to choose the darkest driveway and away from the streetlights. The topping on the cake was making sure I wasn’t too loud and not setting off the car alarm. Good times.

#1 Manhattan Sidewalk

  • This is my most-prized moment. Literally, I had sex on a random sidewalk in, of all places, the busy city of Manhattan. At the time, my partner and I walked around a semi-popular area looking for a secluded area. I’ll say Times Squares-42nd Street area, but more off—yes, that is more than semi-popular. Anyway, it was not easy, but alas a construction site came to the rescue. Due to the chilly weather, my long jacket shielded our shenanigans. We were tucked behind tall wooden boards used to hide the construction from the public; in this instance, it hid me from any city walkers. Random cars drove by and that was very thrilling.

The more thrill, the better the sex. Give it a try. Plus, it’s Valentine’s Day, and why not make it memorable in a random place, at a random time?

I’m sure you’re reading this, thinking of your own random and spontaneous spot. Let me know in a comment below or share your short memory in my Juicys Box!

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