My Pleasure Trip with The Green Fairy’s Love Rub

I’ve smoked cannabis and I’ve used lubricants, but bonding them together as a cannalube changed my bedroom game tremendously.

Since my trip to Denver back in January, exploring cannabis has remained on my mind. Nothing too over the top but I knew I wanted to dive a bit further. Soon after, I watched Karley Sciortoni, host of SLUTEVER, explore legalized cities. In this episode, she learned about the fusion of cannabis and sex; in other words: cannasex. Thus, she encountered cannalube.

She met with groups of women who explained their best orgasms came from their pussy being high off cannalube. I already enjoyed the feels cannabis gave me, so the idea of my pussy reaching the heavens had me salivating at the mouth. I needed to try it and was willing to make my dreams reality immediately.

VICELAND posted their own recipe for cannalube, but I didn’t want to do the work in fear of ruining the results.

After a few PSAs on my Instagram and browsing the tunnels of social media inquiring about cannalube, the Universe put me in the hands of The Green Fairy.

Meeting her was a soothing experience, so to speak. With great energy and a vibrant aura, I knew her cannalbue, the Love Rub, would be a treat.

I’ve been working on this post for some time. For me, anything cannabis-related takes me a while to process. I love sex and mixing it with alcohol or marijuana makes it three times better. Plus, being in that moment is great, but it’s afterwards––creating the right words––that becomes the task.

The Love Rub, both an internal and external lubricant with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, came in a small jar, more of a salve when solid (solid results from being kept in the fridge). I divided it into pieces and created suppositories, as recommended by The Green Fairy. For this reason, the next step involved putting it inside of my pussy. I wasn’t sure how much to put in.

So I got a little excited at first and put a lot. I mean, I just wanted to make sure it was going to work. I rubbed it all over my clit, pussy lips, and inside my pussy. In other words, I made sure this Love Rub was going to love me right.

Key ingredients of the Love Rub include lavender and Ylang Ylang, both aphrodisiacs. Ylang Ylang kicks up your sex drive, increases blood flow and lifts your mood. Meanwhile, lavender relaxes you all over. One of the main ingredients in my Daze On Me body shimmer. (-whispers- ladies, feel free to place an order. They’re handmade and natural. Fellas, if you want to rub some on your shorty, this is your chance.) Aphrodisacs are important for an infused lubricant, and I was pleased to know these essential oils were packed in.

The only con I have is that I could feel the lube melting from inside my pussy and oozing out, even despite it being solid. Unless my pussy is just a hot box, but I can live with that. That’s the best way I can properly explain it. It made me nervous if I was going to lose any chance of the lubricant effects. Thankfully, smell sweet of Ylang Ylang doesn’t bother me. Also, the wait time to feel the effects takes long––45 to 90 minutes––but anything canna-infused will. Despite the wait, it is very well worth it.

By the time the lubricant kicked in, I was very ready to get my night started. Because I was very calm and relaxed, I knew it kicked in. I wasn’t horny immediately, but I knew anything could provoke more. I smoked cannabis that night, also, and I believe it triggered and enhanced the cannalube effects. Each time my partner gave me a stroke, I kept feeling as though my orgasm would happen any second. I was so wet, I was unable to tell if it was the lube or me. To clarify, the lube kept me aroused the entire time. Pretty sure my partner enjoyed it, too; I was a little athletic with my positions. Being that the ingredients are okay for consumption, my partner was able to lick and enjoy the Love Rub in another way we both could enjoy.

Then, I wanted to use the Love Rub by myself. I needed to understand how the Love Rub worked without smoking cannabis. Due to these random hot days, the salve was creamier and melted quicker between my fingers once I took it out the fridge. Disclaimer: this was only after a little while. Leaving it out for too long caused the lube to turn entirely liquid, but that is because of the essential oils, coconut oil that liquifies in heat. Putting the lube in my pussy was a task within itself, but I managed. It’s such a silky oil, and the essential oils make it great for your skin. So your pussy is well in good hands with this lube.

Fast forward, gearing ready for sleep, I started to masturbate. Surprisingly,  I didn’t even have to think about anything to turn myself on.

The Love Rub made my clit plump and sensitive to the touch. I could feel my pussy lips and clit were plump thanks to the blood flow Ylang Ylang created, which helped arousal. Therefore, I was very horny after a few touches. The effects made me tranquil, but focused on the great feelings that come with masturbating. Also, I was on the edge of squirting way more than usual. My orgasm was powerful, followed by a very deep sleep. Deep enough for me to barely snooze my alarm and miss class. Womp.

All in all, TGF’s Love Rub is my favorite necessity in the bedroom right now. We don’t think we need lube, but it is helpful. Lube creates less friction from rubbing. But it’s even better to have a lube made of healthy, natural ingredients to intensify our body parts and sexual experience.

I still have a few more suppositories of the Love Rub left and counting the minutes until I use it again.

If you’re interested to try The Green Fairy’s Love Rub, be sure to follow and contact through Instagram.

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