Pass or Fail: Who Counts on Your Sex List?

The talk of a “body count” should be way behind us because we’re all grown. But the talk about who counts is a big deal. We have to wonder who passed our “Sex Test” and who was horrible enough to make us forget.

Awhile ago, I asked my followers if unfulfilled sex counts or not.

I started questioning this theory because I’ve had a few moments in my sex life where I just didn’t understand how could I possibly consider this guy as a smash (or “body”).

It’s Story Time.

I encountered a guy who couldn’t perform. He wasn’t well endowed so that was a major factor, but I did my best to work with it. I felt okay, he has to compensate for this. Eat me out, take care of me. Something! He failed miserably, but let’s continue.

Each moment he had to perform, he did not stay erected. I always worried and questioned if I was the problem. He claimed he didn’t like pubes (so I shaved), he said he was uncomfortable with his parents in the house (so I awaited a moment he was alone). Both failed attempts on his part. I asked him to at least eat my pussy for essentially getting me riled up, but he barely did that.

The last straw was when he started me up after I had no intention or idea that we’d have sex. He started me up, I got myself into position and I can tell he was struggling and just stopped. I’m like bruh. I just asked to go home after that. It wasn’t making sense and I began to get sexually frustrated. Yes, I ended things after that. #SorryNotSorry.

Fast forward, I heard from mutual friends he actually told someone he smashed! How horrible is that?

I can’t even be mad at him because what guy will tell his boys he couldn’t perform? In my head, I refused to count him because he could barely get his tip in. Seriously. But yet, he felt confident enough to tell someone he did more than that. How annoying.

But that’s what had me thinking about this topic in the first place.

There are plenty of factors that constitute a viable confirmed “body.” The major one is if there was indeed penetration. This is probably the only factor that makes sex count. My rebuttal is always, but what if we didn’t finish or he got soft midway? There’s really no way around this. If the dick went inside, technically, you did have sex.

Some girls I know go off how well the sex was. So if they didn’t enjoy the sex, it didn’t count. I hadn’t really thought like this before, but it puts shit into perspective. One of my followers said, “if you gotta question it, it ain’t happen.” Fellas, if you give Bad Dick, and don’t receive a text or call afterwards, you’ve been deleted on all platforms. I’ve had some bad performances that left me wondering what in the hell just happened. And sometimes, I’d just want to forget it even happened. One of my friends actually miscalculates her body count number on purpose for the mere fact of just not counting miserable sex. I don’t blame her though. Out of sight, out of mind.

Thankfully, there were some men who voted and agreed if they did not finish, it doesn’t count. Finish can mean a number of things, but mainly: no one reached orgasm. Orgasms is the show-stopper, the main event that tells a job well done. If I didn’t achieve an orgasm, does that really count? I disagree with this one. I’ve had plenty of great sex and didn’t have an orgasm right away. Great sex is subjective, but if the connection was great, my partner was attentive and I wanted more, that’s great sex in my book.

I think it’s different if your partner is not trying to do much to please you. Some women have a hard time orgasming so they may think it is too time consuming to achieve an orgasm. Ladies, take all the time you need. A real man will understand and have patience. But sometimes, we get tired from a partner with great stamina that an orgasm isn’t achievable right away.

Another follower of mine made a great analogy of if a girl let’s the tip in but doesn’t go through with taking dick. Does it count? She couldn’t go through with having sex. It’s a great topic but very subjective.

I feel like I wrote this and haven’t come to a solid conclusion. Lol. But that’s really because everyone defines sex so differently.

Take a few minutes to think about what constitutes sex to you and determine what makes you count it. Let me know in a comment below. We have to educate each other and take notes. I sure need to know for future reference, of course.

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  • Laurin Jo

    June 3, 2018 at 10:04 AM

    Hey Sis! Nice read! Soooo, you definitely had sex with him, but it doesn't count.🤦🏾‍♀️😂Lol. And if someone puts the tip in and we don't […] Read MoreHey Sis! Nice read! Soooo, you definitely had sex with him, but it doesn't count.🤦🏾‍♀️😂Lol. And if someone puts the tip in and we don't do anything else, that wasn't sex. And I agree 10000% with you about great sex. I would have "some" moments of great sex with my ex but he wasn't a pleasure, it was just the connection, and I wouldn't orgasm (rarely). I'm gonna add this read to my girl group and see what they say! Read Less

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