Moaners: Sound On/Sound Off

Moaning in bed is a staple for sex. It tells us how great we’re pleasing our partner, it’s a signal to how warm we’re getting to the grand spot. Moans creates the perfect guideline during sex.

I’m not a fan of quiet sex. I have to hear how much a man is enjoying me. Whether it is an occasional “Fuck” “Shit” “yes” in between positions, it keeps me turned on. However, there have been times where a man’s grunts made me give the side eye to see if he was okay; he sounded more in pain than pleasure.

I associate quiet with boring or uninterested, therefore, quiet sex never appealed to me. I’ve had a few sexual experiences where my partner just put in work but didn’t say a word. Just sweating and keeping his breathing under control. It’s so weird to me! But I do understand people are more about the feels than the sounds.

However, there are circumstances where quiet sex is important; sneaking sex while your parents are in the other room, or being public in a hideaway spot, etcetera. But being in the privacy of your own bedroom should call for unfiltered noise.

There are some moans that are overly dramatic for me; I rather not even listen. I might get some hate mail for this, but Jada Fire is probably the one porn star I won’t watch because her moaning is melodramatic.

Here are a few types of moaners that we’ve experienced whether we liked it or not:

Quiet Ann

      This type of moaner doesn’t moan at all. You don’t hear a peep out of them and this is the type I don’t prefer, but you never know what you’re going to get. Oftentimes, you’ll hear occasional suppressed breathing, but that’s about it! You’ll probably be holding your own breath waiting for them to breathe. Don’t bother. I’ve caught myself getting a bit dramatic in bed with my moans to compensate for the lack of sound from my partner. It didn’t entirely helped, but only solidified why I enjoy hearing a man’s moan (FYI: Top 5 sexiest thing a man can do).

Talkative Nancy

      I had one guy who talked so much, I caught myself out of the moment. He was so caught up in saying (well, yelling) “You like that? This is what you like? I bet you like that.” That he could not see my utter rejection to his antics. Talking is nice in the bedroom, but talking too much is undesirable, especially the content of your spiel. Keep it to a minimum and maybe let your partner have a say here and there. I’m a big fan of talking in bed, I think it adds intense energy to foreplay. But too much of something is not good, either. I rather someone shut up than talk my ear off while I’m trying to focus.

Passionate Spice

      After speaking to a few men, this appears to be the woman moaner with low-toned moans and heavy breathing. The type that gives you goosebumps and keeps you on the edge. I had to analyze my moans recently for this subject, and I realize these types of moans come as a response to a deep stroke or hitting the right spot. This is a great signal for men who aren’t sure if they’re pleasing their woman right. Once you hear the deep groan, you know you just may be heading into the right direction.

I asked a few men what they thought of moaning in bed; whether they like hearing it from a woman and if they can muster up the courage to let their vocal chords loose in bed. Some said they love a woman’s moans and it is so sexy. A few admitted they are not shy in moaning; especially if the sex is wet, so to speak.

Moaning adds flare to sex and gives you a chance to enjoy the moment. Some are attuned to how they express their sexual pleasures, whereas some are too shy to let loose. Both are okay depending on your vibe, your partner, and what keeps you going.

Do you enjoying moaning or maybe you rather not hear it? Let me know in a comment below.

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