Lay Down the Towel: Period Sex

Amidst Halloween, a time of zombies, ghosts and blood, I want to spice things up in my room. Yes, talking about periods is still taboo and having sex while one is on her period is even more mind boggling. But it’s a messy topic, and I’m messy, so let’s dive in. Pun intended.

Period sex is not for everyone. It takes a grown, mature person to speak up and say let’s have sex, knowing the time of the month. I like the term “running a red light” when referring to period sex because it’s a circumstance which you shouldn’t speed past this point, but the thrill is there and you want to see what happens.

Someone made a reference to foreplay; how can there be foreplay (in terms of cunnilingus). Personally, this has happened to me before, but I was near the end of my cycle and my partner hadn’t made any mention of it. *Moon Face* I’m kind of against THAT aspect when on my period. Emphasis on kind of. Let’s not judge here. *insert 29393 Moon Face Emojis*

This entire post is more in reference to penetration, not so much oral sex. *Phew*

As natural as the menstrual cycle is, women still receive stigma about it from society. We have to be shy about it at work, we still whisper it to our friends. I read that in certain religions and cultures, you’re not even supposed to touch a woman if she’s on her period because she’s considered “dirty.”

A few interesting and fun facts about period sex:

  • A woman’s testosterone levels increase during her period, contributing to a higher libido (super horny)
  • Best position for period sex is missionary or doggy style (less leakage)
  • Having an orgasm relieves cramps. So if you’re feeling a tight pain, you can fix this enjoying some loving
  • Towels and baby wipes are your best friends (less and easier cleanup)
  • Shower sex is a great alternative

The higher libido is no joke! I can attest—and ladies, agree with me in a comment below if this is you too—but my sensations are on 100 while I’m on my period. The slightest swipe of my nipple and I am on fire. I recall a time I was really trying to avoid having sex. My partner told me he was cool with it, but I was not budging because I was shy, nervous about what period sex comes with. The whole time I was being Ms. Shy, I was squeezing my legs from being so horny. So, he caressed my nipple maybe twice and I gave in immediately.

Period sex requires a certain level of comfort and trust between two people. Embarking to this level is not just for someone you’ve known for a month or so. This seems to be obvious, duh Ness. But really, there are men out here so ready for sex that they don’t care who it is with and when it is. 

As a general consensus among women: we rather have sex toward the end of our cycle; when it’s not too heavy. Disclaimer: possibility for occasional spotting. Something I did after period sex was cleaning up my partner’s dick with a warm cloth. I’ll be real. I wasn’t trying to be sexy when I did this this first time. I felt bad about the mess and I wanted to cleanup without making the situation awkward. But, he found it to be a turn on. Now, it’s my new go-to task.

From speaking to some fellas about their take on period sex, the responses were 50/50. Some men were against it because of the cleanup of blood on their dick and health reasons. Whereas, some men were fond of this type of sex because the pussy feels “wetter” and “softer.” Also, some fellas feel better intimacy through this vulnerable state for a woman.

Some ladies said because they deal with cramps and such, they aren’t thinking about having sex. Others agreed they’ve had period sex, but more toward the end of their cycle. The women who do indulge, agree the sex is wetter, thanks to their flow, and their arousal is at an all-time high; especially knowing their partner doesn’t care about their period.

To this day, I still get a little uneasy to have period sex because I worry more about the comfort of my partner and the mess. But I let go of the worries once I’m deep in of great sex. Showing your lady you’re comfortable with the circumstances says a lot. This can be by initiating sex or showing her you are still aroused by her. 

Now, live a little. Lay a towel underneath, keep some baby wipes on the side, and enjoy yourself.

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  • Dalmar Nation

    October 27, 2017 at 1:12 AM

    I agree that period sex can be an amazing experience, just depends on how open your partner is but nontheless its still one to try […] Read MoreI agree that period sex can be an amazing experience, just depends on how open your partner is but nontheless its still one to try the energy between the partners are very intense Read Less

  • Danielle

    October 25, 2017 at 4:01 PM

    I agree with this!! More fellas need to understand that we want loving too during that time of the month. It is only natural.

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