How Your Moon Menstrual Cycle Reflects Who You Are

There are spiritual meanings behind a woman’s period. Learning more about the moon’s cycles and menstruation cycles help us better understand where we are in life.

Having my period synced with the cycle of the moon each month is pretty cool (to say the least). I didn’t think about the spiritual aspect to it, or even understanding what it meant on a self-care level. Not every woman has a synced period, there are many factors that can determine this, but there is nothing wrong if your period is not exact with the moon.

Years ago, I wasn’t paying too much attention to my period. I didn’t know much at all about being fertile or ovulating while I was taking birth control. I was confident about the arrival of my period because I was having protected sex.

However, I made the decision to stop taking birth control because I despised the side effects; weight gain, low libido, increased hunger, oh, and weight gain. Once I was off, slowly I noticed my body’s natural occurrences.

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The more aware of my sexuality I became, the more I spent frequent time observing my body, my vaginal fluids and patterns. I paid closer attention to my moods, emotions, how horny or hungry I was, and whatever vaginal secretions I had.

It became easier to notice when my body synced with the moon because I had no chemical imbalances (aka birth control).

Studying astrology introduced me to the cycles of the moon. I learned during ancient times, women used to the moon to keep track of their periods. Soon afterwards, patience and healthy living, my period aligned with the moon. It did not happen right away; I still had some weird months when my period was in between.

After extensive research reading through Miranda Gray’s “Red Moon” and Luisa Francia’s “Dragontime: Magic and Mystery of Menstruation”, I learned menstrual cycles are referred to as either the White Moon or Red Moon cycle.

Furthermore, thanks to Yoga Goddess, I discovered there’s Purple and Pink moon cycles, referring to the stages in between new and full moons. Each moon cycle represents a stage in a woman’s life spiritually, emotionally and physically. Gray explains that neither cycle is more important than the other, but both represent expressions of feminine energies.

Here’s a brief on different types of moon cycles:

  • Red Moon Cycle
    • When the moon is full, it’s illuminating brightly from the sky and you are on a Red Moon cycle if you’re bleeding during this time. Also known to be fertile during the Dark Moon. According to Yoga Goddess, this cycle is aligned with the Wise Woman archetype. Wisdom keepers, enchantresses, and seductresses represent the Red Moon cycle. Because they exerted their feminine power more outwardly, they were known to be healers. Luisa Francia wrote “These women were not focusing their feminine energies to give birth to children. Rather their energy was used to empower other women and their communities.” During this cycle, you are more likely to teach others from your own experience; using your creativity and self-growth to educate others. Personally, this is my moon cycle, so there’s some truth here, huh?
  • White Moon Cycle
    • The White Moon Cycle, bleeding with the New Moon, is considered the “most natural cycle to Earth.” The Dark Moon is hidden away, unable to be seen in the night sky. The White Moon cycle associates with the Nurturer archetype, the woman with fertile power and mothering abilities. According to Francia, in ancient times, a woman was assumed more intuitive when she bled with the New Moon. “Your body and spirit withdraw into rest and inward focus when the moon goes dark, and when the moon is full and bright, so are you.” Due to this resting period, you’re more likely to experience memories or anxieties that need to be dealt it; a time for healing.
  • Pink Moon Cycle
    • The waxing moon is a transiting moon between new to full. It’s switching into a new stage of life; becoming one with its journey. The Maiden archetype is associated with the Pink Moon cycle; one who is ready for adventure, exploring self, and finding one’s purpose. “You’re growing toward something bigger, fuller, bolder, brighter.” If this is when you have your period, you may feel like you want to make more and new self-discoveries. You may be growing more into your womanhood—not literally, but more so accepting your feminine power. Francia explains this menstruation is a time to learn, time to read and time to think for inward and self-nourishing.
  • Purple Moon Cycle
    • After the moon completes brightening the sky, it slowly comes darker to begin the waning phase. Yoga Goddess calls it the Purple Moon cycle. According to Yoga Goddess, your transitional shift is toward finding more meaning in life. You’re in a stage of life redefining how you sexually express yourself and desiring sexual experiences. Or just overall, how you present to the world. This is a phase in your life where you shall create. “Feeling a pull inward, a withdrawal from outward expression in the world and a desire to get quiet and dig deeper.”

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Now learning about various moon cycles, take the next month to observe your body. As I said before, all menstrual cycles vary from woman to woman, but there is always connection to the meaning of life in that moment.

I love the Clue app to track my period and other day-to-day PMS things. Calculations for future periods are accurate and the app provides helpful mini tips the more information you input.

Let me know in a comment below which cycle you’re on and why or why not it resonates with you.

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