Gifting in Bed: Giving Without Receiving

Sex is not just about penetration. Giving in bed is just as fulfilling.

Gifting is self-explanatory, but in bedroom terms, I mean giving someone sexual treatment without wanting something in return.

After all the love I’ve received to my Juicys Box, someone asked me what’s my favorite juicy memory. I thought back to a threesome I had. The basis of the conversation was how the guy did not penetrate during this threesome.

The person said, “Well, I guess he handled it the best way he could. Isn’t it about everyone being satisfied and pleased?”

Sex is not just about seeking your own orgasm all the time. Sex can be (and is) about enjoying someone and making sure they are experiencing you in return.

People forget pleasure is the objective of sex. Not too many people understand there are thousands of levels to a fluid term such as sex.

In this particular experience, the man enjoyed being an “accessory” to the threesome. He didn’t stick his dick inside anywhere to get a nut. Although he received head, he was not the star of the show. I was impressed by how he tended to our needs without being selfish. And I respected how he did not push himself onto us. He liked playing a role without receiving attention.

I’ve been attended to very well in bed before, so the concept is not unfamiliar to me. However, there were times I felt bad if the guy didn’t get a nut, and I’d feel an urge to make sure he was good. Other instances, I was told to just relax. There is gratification in being fully taken cared of without a worry.

However, there are certain people we meet and their vibe screams “casual.” You both come together on the pretenses of just getting your nut off and that is it. Because you only have one task in mind, circumstances on making each other cum becomes the objective. The idea of being the only person in bed who is giving is out the question. You expect something in return. Hence the phrase: you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Some of my casual experiences included me giving head, and waiting for this person to reciprocate. I waited long enough only to see nothing happen.

We don’t have to be greedy in bed; sex is give-and-take. My perfect win-win situation is having amazing chemistry with someone who shares the same selfless mentality.

Say you have someone who makes sure you cum every single time without you having to ask. Simultaneously, you are doing the same without an added thought. Chemistry such as this makes fantastic sex. Giving in bed does not have to be  “I have to get mine.” With the right attraction, you may forget about yourself because you’re satisfied pleasing your partner. Some people just want to see someone in bliss and feel pleasure from that.

Have you ever given in bed without a care for anything in return or was someone’s sexy accessory? Stop by my submission box and submit a short, sexy memory for a chance to be featured.

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