How to Appreciate Her Sexy Wear: Lingerie Edition

Lingerie is a favorite novelty of mine when it comes to bedroom accessories. I notice it gives a boost of confidence to my sexual prowess. I feel good because I look good. Some ladies may not care of lingerie; maybe a simple bra and panty is all it takes to get the party started. Then there are some women who are all for the lace or mesh pieces that accentuate their assets. This can include flowy nightgowns, silk robes, or strappy bodysuits that let everything hang out.

To men, most lingerie seem to look the same. Through my experience, I picked up that there is only a handful of men who appreciate the sexy garments. On the other hand, there are men who pretty much skip the set and dive straight in. From asking a few men, it seems diving right in is their way of saying the lingerie looks great.

Here are a few ways to show you appreciate what sits on top of the goods:

  1. Let her leave on her piece during the course of foreplay, as a compromise. This gives her a chance to enjoy what she bought (or you bought) within a good amount of time. You can tease her more knowing you aren’t ripping off her lingerie just yet and building up tension. It shows you’re being attentive and taking your time.
  2. A mini photoshoot will make her feel sexier than before. Especially if you let her know you want to have these pictures for a keepsake. Lingerie is like a club outfit for the bedroom, so she’ll be sure to strike a few sexy poses just for you.
  3. Help her pick out her nex t outfit. Nothing shows more interest than giving your two cents on what you want to see her wear. Women love to see their man take interest in seeing her look sexy, and we want to be able to show you want we like.

Lingerie may not be a huge deal for you, and that’s completely okay. Maybe there are special occasions that call for special outfits and this is the perfect time. Or it can be a random night out and getting surprised with colorful tones of lace panties never hurt anyone. Fellas, as much as we know this bra may look like last week’s bra, believe us that it is not. When we really appreciate our bodies and know we are sexy, women definitely put in extra effort in looking good in bed.


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