7 Must-Have Affordable Lingerie Brands

Shopping is my favorite past time, but shopping for lingerie is even better. Teddies, thongs, g-strings, and even robes. I absolutely love how timeless lingerie is.

When I shopped for my Daze In Nesstalgia promo video shoot—go ahead and click it, I know you want to watch it—I had such a tough time choosing which piece to wear! I wanted all of them.

Personally, I’m more of a lace kind of girl. I’m sure everyone has their personal favorite.

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Typically, that is the time we like to show out in the sexiest, skimpiest fit we can buy (aside from Halloween, ahkay!!?).

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Side note, you don’t have to wear lingerie for just V-Day, but I am sure ya’ll knew that.


I want to provide a list of spunky, spicy, and affordable loungewear brands for those who need last-minute garments.

  • Photo Cred to Lush.Lavie

    Lush Lavie /

    • Black-woman owed and risqué lingerie, Lush Lavie caught my attention immediately. Certainly, I was attracted by their photos! Beautiful black women in sexy lingerie, what more can you ask for? Skimpy lacey panties for the ladies who don’t want to take off their panties. Crotchless from front to back, these are on my wishlist. In addition to lacey garments, Lush Lavie has strappy lingerie.

    Photo Cred to d.bleu.dazzled

    D.bleu.dazzled /

    • Based in LA, d bleu dazzled became popular because of their sexy, and sparkly tights. In other words, pair it perfectly with some pumps and that’s all you need. Black owned and glittery, brighten up your bedroom. Because I love enunciating my legs, the thigh-high stockings are my personal favorite.

    Photo Cred to Yandy

    Yandy /

    • I am sure you’ve heard of Yandy! Notably, Yandy is known for being cheap, simple with a tremendous selection of sexy. I’ve ordered from here before and had no complaints. For instance, I bought crotchless ruffle panties, and they fit like a charm.

    Photo Cred to Hips & Curves

    Hips & Curves /

    • Sexy lingerie for those with a busty chest like I have, along with a range plus sizes. For my ladies with thick thighs, their thigh-high hosiery selection is lovely! I am a big fan of the red crotchless open-back pantyhose.
  • Photo Cred to Playful Promises[/caption]

    Playful Promises /

    • Based from London, Playful Promises’ lingerie comes in an array of colorful prints and designs! They truly live up to their “playful” name. Tons of prints in the sexiest pieces you can imagine. For example, if you want to go a bit outside of your comfort zone and do a them, check them out. I love their classic 50s’ pinup style with the bra sets and garters, too.

    Photo Cred to Suzy Black NYC

    Suzy Black NYC /

    • Suzy Black NYC is a Black-owned brand offering sensual wear. I’ll recommend them if your style is more on the minimal style and your budget is above average. The designs are intricate and perfect for before and after Valentine’s Day. Additionally, Suzy Black offers a bridal collection. To all the brides-to-be, you’re welcome.

    Photo Cred to Kellys Kloset

    Kelly’s Kloset /

    • This online lingerie store offers a wide selection for plus sizes and super affordable. Kelly’s Kloset’s variety of bra and panty sets are great. I love a nice leopard print and was satisfied seeing more than a few options. In addition, Kelly’s Kloset has a section you can order some kinky toys and games for the bedroom. Two kinks in one place; what more can you ask for?

If you have any personal favorite brands you love, let a shorty know in a comment below!

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