Welcome Winter Solstice

If there is one thing winter knows how to do is give you the seasonal blues!

Shorter days, longer nights. Winter Solstice ushers in Capricorn season.

Read here to discover your energy forecast for the closeout of 2021.

Today’s oracle reading features the 2HOODOO4U Oracle Deck, created by the powerful SinAlyss.

Let’s dive into what this Capricorn season has in store for us.

As a result of yellow and brown leaves, remnants of warm breezes, things begin to get colder and shut down; a great time to reflect. We’re hustling and bustling to make ends meet; mapping our future, and we may get lost in our thoughts. Capricorn season carries in rooted energy that calls you to become quiet, and maintain calmness.

The goats of the zodiac know how to withstand the harshest, coldest weather conditions; yet keep grass greener on their side. Stay grounded and easy as you may catch old patterns creeping in. You may be tempted to retreat back to square one all because you’ve been standing on square two for a bit too long.

Capricorn’s tough love evolves into rewarding lessons. You may catch yourself in a rut, afraid of how to keep your head above water; anxious to tell that old friend you aren’t feeling too friendly anymore;  scared to admit you are the Toxic Ex. Through it, you learn to accept not only your authentic self but how to release easier. Situations may aggravate your nerves, then you discover new tricks to withstand tough circumstances. There are only but a few ways to bask in stability and great success.

First up, we have Black Eyed Peas, which is an important staple in African American traditions; cooking a fresh pot of black eyed peas to bring good luck into the new year. Very fitting for Spirit to hand this card out. I’m also feeling this card telling me to clean house. Secondly, commencing the 2021 year means airing out old news, digging your hands through the clutter and part ways. Take out your Florida Water floor wash and scrub deep in those corners. Someone literally has a pile of socks you need to go threw and give away. Chileeee.

That is to say, sweep out stagnant, dusty energy. Let me put emphasis on dusty because I know there are a few people who are tired of their friends (or significant other shacking up) and desire to meet a more refreshing individual who fits your taste buds.

At the bottom of the deck. Chicken Foot showed out. Channeling in on Chicken Foot, the foot itself. How are your feet standing in an even place through chaos? (Psalm 26:12) One of my favorite scriptures to remind me we cannot be afraid or moved from our challenges or circumstances if we stand firm. This card also calls for cleansing and protection from negative energy. Could be the blues of holidays when you come into those family members you just don’t care to chat with. Protect your energy by seeing triggers a mile away.

Above all, if there’s one thing family know how to do is raise your blood pressure and drive you up the wall.

Lastly, our Ancestors, our Spirit Team need us to COOK! Chicken foot is used in many delicious meals in Caribbean and Hispanic cultures. Even soup. Set time aside and curate your favorite meal (or make time to do something you love to do) reminiscent of your childhood or home.

In other words, harnessing focused energy is needed to establish your foundation (Earth energy) of healthy habits. This can be literal and figurative. What we’re building in the last weeks of 2021 is made to LAST (Capricorn)!

Chickens, yeah, they’re always running and going.

In this instance, ask yourself where you’re actually going in 2022. Are you running around like a chicken with their head cut off (ha!) or are you staying low and gathering your resources to sustain a fitting lifestyle?

On the other hand, someone may be in need of an Epsom Salt bath. Particularly, if you find your thoughts are rampant, foggy or recognize there’s some unfamiliar energy lingering on your shoulders. Capricorn can be heavy and intense at times; don’t be surprised if you find yourself at your wit’s end; unsure how to pick up where you left off. You have what it takes to get back on track.

Black Eyed Peas & Chicken Foot initiates massive change to remove clutter. In this instance, cleansing solidifies confidence to push through 2022. The weight melted off your back when you threw away the trash. Now, utilize the special tricks & tools you received during the fight of 2021. These tools will strip off the ugly, the dusty & the useless. In order to begin a stream of steady good fortune, your willpower is cutting through the gunk. Gunk can include the stack of mail you’re avoiding, the closet full of unworn clothes which need to be sent to the Salvation Army. Someone here wants to trade in the 9-5 for entrepreneurial income.

Whichever fits in your winter, this solstice is freezing cold, booked and busy.

Enjoy the rest of 2021 with an easy heart and a clear mind! Welcome 2022 holding your heart strong.

Happy Winter Solstice!



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