Scorpio Season

Nessasary Healing with Nesstalgicc:

Scorpio Season

October 22, 2020 through November 21, 2020

We left Libra season obtaining peace and harmony, keeping our grace within our mind and having a cool composure. Now the energy is switching up just a bit and we have get a better grip on who we are.

Mercury is still retrograde in Scorpio, which only intensifies the next few weeks when it comes to your mind & other people. There are a lot fishy situations happening behind the scenes that are not noticed by the naked eye. Listen to your body when you’re around people or in situations making you feel uneasy. This is your body telling you DANGER.

This Scorpio season, spend time journaling when you come into confusion. Break down piece by piece what is annoying you; write about how you can evolve from any low energy. Most of us desire success and happiness. Putting plans into action involves self-reliance. How self-reliant are you when it is time to prioritize what’s important?

I hope this spread gives insight on how to keep the tightness of Scorpio zodiac season to a more fluid flow that allows you to feel free.

with love & tenderness, nesstalgicc


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