Mercury in Scorpio Oracle

Nessasary Healing with Nesstalgicc:

Mercury in Scorpio


Mercury dives in Scorpio and you have an oracle message here to encourage you to feel the words you give to others & yourself. The planet of communications is stepping into still waters of Scorpio. You may notice a deep and intense concentration on words. This means your nerves are more likely to get sparked up! I love to use the crystal, Selenite, to maintain clear thoughts and a calm demeanor. Over the course of Mercury’s staycation in Scorpio, do your best to connect your thoughts and words with intention.

Approach every challenge (there will be plenty to choose from) with a level head, and keep your frustrations in check. This is an opportunity to expand your growth and knowledge. Part of the healing process is revisiting wounds from time to time for a deeper understanding of yourself. Whether this pertains to rejection, discovered negative energy or uncertainty about your capabilities, you’ll come face to face with why. Mercury rules writing and journaling for these next few weeks is beneficial to your healing journey.

Strengthen your interaction by feeling and processing what you hear; take the time to respond before reacting.

– with love & tenderness, nesstalgicc


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