Mars Retrograde Oracle

Nessasary Healing with Nesstalgicc:

Mars Rx !

#MarsRetrograde has arrived and I’m here with a specific message for this astrological event. Mars, as you know, represents aggression, achievement, fire, and war. We have a lot of ideas and plans in motion right now, so Mars is here to be the ultimate tester. From Sept 9 until November 14, Mars’ energy will be unlike what you’re used to. You may be totally lazy, super dry, and emotionally upside down. How do you plan to take initiative during this time to improve your life and stay ahead of the game?

Read through the slides to see what oracle message I have for you and this Mars Rx.

Enjoy my shiny Pyrite 😍 This crystal is all about that action, power and confidence. ✨

Leave a comment below affirming ‘Yes’ if you know you’re going to tackle these next 9 weeks with strength.

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