March Nessasary Healing: Open Up Your Heart

March 2023.

The third month of 2023; three (3) is a number representing the cycle of Life/Death/Rebirth. It’s no wonder the season of budding spring begins in March as well.

For this month, the oracle card is represented by Hearts. Beautiful, overflowing love is bound to adorn all of us through the month. Our Heart chakra spaces are blossoming as seasonal blues melt away. There is fertile ground to heal from woeful thinking and set foot into confident and resilient levels. Because of the shift from soft and gentle to rough and assertive, situations may arise that result in frequent outbursts. Boundaries are being created (Pisces) and tested for its strength (Aries). What’s beautiful about 3 energy is the limitless amount of possibilities for playfulness, fun, enjoyment and relief. Relief is important because when undergoing loads of learning and self-discovery through others, you tend to forget if you are doing well are not. Relief brings a calmness to the chaos; a second to rehash or go over the minor details. 3 teaches me about setting a plan and working that plan. With this sprouting of the seed that 3 brings, there are plenty of little ideas we’re curious to explore or dive into. This month is perfect for first-time things. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, he knows all about starting. Healing is not linear, so even a beginner’s course rejuvenates for the mind and body.

Spend close attention to the Heart chakra space; sharing emotions or woes. Spare those woes if it’s been longer than 6 months. Perfect time to give final touches to self-care routines (enhance and/or simplify). Glamour magic in the works for some. Using the mirror to repeat sexy/beautiful love affirmations. Enhance hand jewelry to amplify attraction. Great month to commune with friends and catch up over gourmet entrees. I’m picturing the Three of Cups here; celebration this month. A magical birthing happening this month (literally and figuratively). Either baby showers or baby births are to be announced all March. Ideas to expand on creative arts, spoken word, and music. Use music to release subconscious beliefs (lyrics matter!!).

Pisces are prone to daydream; use music to daydream and envision your wants/desires. Aries welcomes in the Spring season, great time to take action on those creative ideas you received during Pisces season. Love is in the air with Hearts. One-on-one conversations to grow closer–and yes, these may be uncomfortable. But with this lending  hand, it’s okay to say what is heavy on the heart. Hearts offer safe spaces, spiritually or physically. An opening up happening in the body; you may feel more overwhelmed with emotions or in need of an outlet to let out repressed tears. With Aries, the need to sexually release will become prominent. Lust keeps the heart racing. Listen carefully to what exactly your body is craving sexually and physically around this time. As you pinpoint what brings bodily satisfaction, it’s that much easier to attain.


March Affirmations:

I allow only kindness into my life.

I allow myself to experience pleasure.

It is safe to ask for what I need.


Let’s break down some of this oracle for the Zodiac signs:

(these are generalized collective horoscopes; they may apply to one or more of your zodiac placements–the

more the merrier of course.)

Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer: someone is willing to show you a deeper look into their feelings and this can motivate you to comprehend your own emotions. March is  a test of trust (self-trust) when it comes to intimate, close relationships. Hearts allows you a chance to feel vulnerability without shame. This calls for another form of freedom and strengthens emotional security. Pisces season flows well for water signs since it’s quietness is perfect for slowing down and taking in the present moment. Hearts also tells of a healing over heartbreak, differences with family.
Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus: when it comes to understanding the ways you feel, keeping busy with other things seems to be the answer. Hearts shows there are some loved ones ready to spend time with you outside your busy schedule. This is an invitation outside your lonely, dark corner. Because Hearts is receptive and gentle, this March, you may feel reluctant to put work aside but it will feel easier to assess the why to the stress and let it go to the wayside. The grounding earth energy is absent between water Pisces and fire Aries, so keeping stable can look like cooking comfort food or being chill with a movie or book.
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: the vibrant red that comes with Hearts signals to the high energy fire signs possess so beautifully. March will test your patience simply because now may not be the time to have heartfelt conversations. Those frustrations may get in the way when really that is the time to sit down and recenter. Once Aries season turns up the heat, energetically minds (and heads) will scatter. Stay grounded by reconnecting to inspirations. I sense sex here with Hearts and that’s always a great way to release the burnout tension.
Gemini/Libra/Aquarius: with all the thoughts running in your head and out your mouth, it’s wise to think before you speak. As the hand offers the heart on a silver platter, allow someone to get through to you. Unblock the number if you really want to make the apology. Pisces season gives you a chance to practice forgiveness–or at least learning how to do it. Because once Aries season starts, that fire will fuel any impulsive thoughts. Balance with grounding, solitude and writing down those annoying thoughts.

I appreciate you for reaching this far into the reading! If any of this reading resonated, you are welcomed to book your own personal reading using this link.

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