Full Moon in Cancer Oracle

Nessasary Healing with Nesstalgicc:

Full Moon in Cancer

December 29, 2020


On December 29, 2020 at 10:30PM (EST), 2020’s last Full Moon glides into the water sign of Cancer. As we just settle into earthy Capricorn season, we’re planning our future and putting pen to paper. Use the next few days to release stagnant relationships and unfinished projects. Our relationships are changing and we are developing newer feelings and personalities underneath all the layers.

As Cancer being the last full moon of the year, we step into a new year with improved and evolved personalities. We learned to appreciate everything and everyone around us. The wisdom we discovered is proving to be deeper than just material things. Some of us are understanding what it means to connect to our peers, having a community with others matching our paths.

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