August 2020 Oracle Word

I hope you all enjoy this oracle message I wanted to offer for August 2020.

This year has been hectic enough and I know some people are interested to know what’s in store. Please enjoy this thorough breakdown. August brings in a lot of abundance, progress and hard work. This is your opportunity to read some encouraging and enlightening advice to move you forward this powerful month.

with tenderness, nesstalgicc


August (an 8th month which is a very powerful number) is loaded with ACTIVITY. Cut through alllll the bullshit now! This is the perfect time to breathe life into your ideas and don’t look back.

The Sun card in Tarot represents success, ambitions and what we take pride in (Leo is ruled by the Sun). In August 2020, The Sun is reversed, signifying this month may have popup situations to make things right (Justice). However, avoid abusing your authority by making irrational decisions (Justice Rx + Knight of Swords) because someone upset you. The Kings in the spread are saying we’ve met our needs and are true leaders. Some of you take pride in your ability to stay calm (I knowwww there are some hotheads in the room because I, for one, need to work on my frustrations).

There are a lot of people you’re watching who make you want to set the record straight, and defend your character (King shit). So many of you have business plans and projects curating, fueling your passions. A lot of ya’ll own your shit and judge others who haven’t put in the same work as you. You think because you did your 10,000 hours, no one can even talk to you. Dass cute, however, don’t let your ego get the best of you. This guard up actually blocks your worldly view of newer possibilities to expand yourself. Your enthusiasm for life may become rigid because you’re so bent on staying this certain way since it’s worked for so long. You’r overextending yourself to stay on top when you’re perfectly fine to begin with. Hence why some of you feel super tired! Ya’ll want to rest and need it.

A lot of you (Aries, Leo and Libra, I see some of ya’ll in this spread) planned your work, worked your plan and you can sit on your throne. Whatever loose ends you need to fix or eliminate may be in how you assert yourself to others, maybe you see you’re too controlling or cold (Air/Swords) and need to soften up. Or you’re too harsh with your words and need to learn how to express yourself clearly & directly without too much spice (Wands/Fire).

Consequently, all this pent up energy inside of you is begging for release. How do you know if you need to release? You feel stagnant (Eight of Wands Rx), repetitive emotions over the same things, and avoiding real progress. Despite your awareness of your full potential and competencies, you may talk yourself out of successes. We’re closed off from blessings if we limit ourselves mentally. For instance, you can release these frustrations into your work and crafts, studying, and journaling. This pandemic gave us room to cocoon for rebirth. You’re ready to show everyone you’ve built your own throne and deserve respect. Let’s sit back for a moment and ask ourselves, what it is we want to show everyone? Is it how innovative our business is? How creative our talents reach the masses? This is something you can journal and watch the answers reveal themselves.

August calls our attention to our Higher Purpose once we experience a few rejections or disappointments (The Sun Rx). Specifically, you may feel stuck in your current life, and the more unfulfilled you are about it, the firmer you are in what you TRULY want (Knight of Swords). That’s the active energy you want to have transforming your life. The Knight of Swords is CHARGING THE FUCK THROUGH, OKAY?? So should you! Be mindful your conquest has the proper intentions behind it; do something because it’s what you want and not because you think you deserve it over the next person.

Competition is natural and healthy, but if your ego is too big, you may get yourself into situations you hadn’t anticipated and move backwards. Focus on your creative pursuits because I see a lot of influencers may come into a creative block. Don’t get discouraged! Trust me, I completely feel that sense of emptiness because you just can’t produce a thing! But that’s fine. Settle in those feelings so you can pick it up and remove it. Go back to older projects, review and see how you can get better. All this is about improvement, adding more points to your credentials.

Be sure to say this affirmation all throughout August to claim your power, success and achievements. If you ever doubt yourself, feel like you’re not worthy of anything, please say this affirmation.

Moreover, please remind yourself you deserve to be here and have whatever it is your heart desires. Again, I know a lot of you are clueless as to the next step, how to make things right, but it starts from your own dedication. Affirmations help me embed in my brain that I DESERVE! At the same time, though we know we deserve, we want to be open by accepting the challenges coming our way.

You know you really LEAD this shit. It’s okay to watch and observe. You have your own capabilities, your own style, and your own ideas for your future.


I hope August fulfills you and let me know in a comment below what part of the message resonated with you.

AUGUST is my BIRTHDAY MONTH! I have a birthday wishlist for anyone who wishes to make me smile for my special day!

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to continue guiding you through these rough patches with my oracle messages.

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