April Nessasary Healing: Get Real With Self

April 2023.

Welcome to the month of April. I have to say Aries owns the 4th month of the year. Four is the foundation, the root base for stability. Four seasons, four corners surround a massive world of possibilities. The 4th card in the Major Arcana deck brings us to The Emperor Card. Aries reminds us about selfishness–what drives independence and individuality? How will you rev up your sense of self-assurance?

April Affirmations:

I have plenty of time and space to experience joy.

It is safe to take risks. It is safe to trust my discernment.

I set myself free from unforgiveness and revenge.

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Aries SeasonThis month’s oracle spread includes Page of Wands, Four of Wands and Jar from 2HOODOO4U Oracle.

Jar; an interesting object based on its use alone. You seal things inside of a mason jar or container, entrapment to stimulate growth or fermentation. Think of a plant terrarium or tincture infusion. The humidity and stuffiness can either hinder or bless the environment if not properly prepared. Eventually, you let the top off (or not) for that good fresh air. Jar involves preparation, yet freedom.

March taught us to ask for what we want. Perhaps you felt stifled in this vulnerability. Perhaps feeling like you couldn’t say your peace without pushback.  Now, April arranges space for letting loose and feeling alive. Consider what aspects in your life felt restricted or limited (just plain dusty); gain perspective of the circumstances and (create) a new form of thinking. And leave the bullshit behind. If you’re a little tiny seed planted in an enclosed jar, consider you’re getting sunlight, your nutrients, your hydration. All you need to grow and bud out of your small space before moving into a bigger, spacious environment. The mind is a playground for flower beds.

Table for one, Aries seasonOn the other hand, Jar articulates it is time to get out of your tiny bubble, and appreciate outside. Attend that pottery class you’ve put off or try cooking the old family recipe you’re too nervous about; plunge into an unexperienced space and build a new domain. Go on a date to your favorite restaurant by yourself! (Table for one, please.) Escape the norm; detour through the scenic route. Aries motions excitement and thrill. Thrills awakens our senses and opens pathways of motivation.


Now,  April’s healing work leads to transformative self-realization. Through transforming, we unfold into realer and authentic parts of our being. Think of art, self-care, connection to your body or someone else’s physical body. Creative energy is bodily and sensual. It involves physical movement and patience to see the results. With Aries setting the tone for this month,  physically move away from seclusion and show out.

Going on a blind date, using blindfolds in the bedroom—these ignite nerves to get you to stop worrying about old shit and seek  what is pleasurable. Whatever springs into mind when you think of exploring unfamiliar territory, you’re in the realm of Aries. Conquer that over the next few weeks. This is the chance to take ideas full force for real results. You’re birthing a fresh layer to your wholesome self.

Along with rage and passion, Aries leads us to empowerment. Put both hands on the wheel and let the wind take you to the next destination. Jar’s energy reminds me of the caterpillars turned-butterflies fluttering into nature. And with that lush beauty comes Taurus season. Aries’ individualistic energy shifts to digging deeper into self-worth and what truly matters. All the disordered hustle and bustle benefits who? You decide with Taurus season beginning on April 20th.

New workout plan to focus on specific parts of the body; interviews and podcasts budding for debuts over the next coming weeks. I sense pole dancing will trend to get that body in shape for summer. Wands symbolize the fire of our lives, the vitality to continue looking ahead. Wands represent energetic faith and determination. With all these wands in upright positions, stamina is increasing; elevation is present.

less worry, aries season


Someone here needs to speak all their sadness into a jar, close the lid and throw the whole jar away. Aries doesn’t spend too much time on sadness. And if they do, they’ll miss all the lucrative bags Taurus season brings. Choose wisely.

Let’s break down April’s oracle for the Zodiac signs:

(these are generalized collective horoscopes; they may apply to one or more of your zodiac placements–the more the merrier, of course.)

Aries/Leo/Sagittarius: This is absolutely THE month to operate from a new state of mind. Page of Wands + Four of Wands = those poems, writings, songs, art pieces, projects are ready for showcase! Someone’s degree and diploma is awaiting their arrival. Fire signs are no longer hiding behind anonymous pages. Put your face out there and show off those artistic talents. Page of Wands says you have so much unwavering faith in your abilities, it’s time for hands and feet to get moving. Someone here needs to fine-tune their affirmations into specific detail. (Ex: I am letting go of paranoia around my financial abundance. I am releasing fears around how I am perceived by others.) Fire signs are protected from the drama, but do need to do a little scouting for missing information. Speak encouragement and life into each breath. Dismiss what you consider mistakes–those are opportunities for growth. Party invitations for Aries birthdays are arriving on time! Enjoy the bumping music!
Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn: It seems you all are much too busy planning the next important task. Earth signs are kings & queens of keeping their peace intact. Focusing on fresh plans means less worry about what’s behind you. Some Earth signs are accepting ease into their life; caring less of others’ and giving closer attention to receiving good health. Keep up nightly hot teas to soothe the body for rest. Sensing that orgy again, Earth signs. Keeping it classy, as usual. Short and sweet message; that means you’re mentally prepping for exuberant Taurus season. Gourmet dinner parties are awaiting with this Four of Wands.
Aquarius/Gemini/Libra: Wands and Air go together with enthusiasm, who can come out on top. This month may feel like you’re going from one thing to the next without catching a breath. Writing down thoughts will save you lots of headaches! Also, with Jar here, I sense the air being let out of some stinky situations. Air signs, leave behind suffocating and toxic love (and/or toxic family members). No more bruised egos or hurtful words. Four of Wands tells me this new chapter will involve stimulating conversations and rendezvous dates. Prepare for invitations, offerings, and random phone calls.
Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio: Don’t you just hate when the fire comes in and doesn’t care to talk about all those tears spilling out? Let Aries’ heat dry off wet tears and warm up your cold shoulder. Move on using this Page of Wands’ determination to victory. Tell that person how you really (really) feel, and don’t look back. Someone is spending too much rewinding old memories to generate new ones. It doesn’t work that way! Spill the feelings, acknowledge them and now let’s find some new entertainment. Water and Fire can be a hit or miss energetically. The enthusiasm can be overlooked by Water signs emotional woes; and those little feelings can put a damper on Fire signs wanting more fun. April can present hiccups, but holding out on top. Water signs speak your peace fluidly.


I appreciate you for reaching this far into the reading! If any of this reading resonated, you are welcomed to book your own personal reading using this link.

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