Ambition for Life: New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

Firstly, we’re starting off the new year of 2022 with this sense of high sexual tension with Capricorn season. Taking authority for your own reality and placing the future in your hands is gratifying.

January 2, 2022 marks the New Moon in Capricorn. New Moons offer a few days to channel your intuition and write down intentions. There’s a lot going on in the astrology world with the planets; staying grounded keeps you sane & gives flexibility to tango with these erratic planets.

Getting into this beautiful spread of cards. My initial downloads for this spread:

growth; sex; union; power; sensuality; split between two; decisions to be made; leveling up; self-confidence; partnerships; ex-lover; secret marriage; real life dreams; rebirth; bridging the gap; multiple streams of income; creating more streams of income; money management; secret bank accounts; computers; protection; beliefs; spirituality.

Let’s get into this reading for the New Moon!!

Heavy emphasis to balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine; securing a balance between receiving and giving; listening and being heard. A lot of us are about to unveil secret projects.  The green wreath on the 4 of Wands tells me the New Moon is bridging the gap between our spiritual needs and physical wants. Put on paper what you WANT. You want $400,000? Plan it. You want to be CEO of an up and coming brand; PLAN IT.

Additionally, some of us are opening up to innovative spiritual practices (The High Priestess) that allow us to manifest the fruit of our labor (4 of Wands). Because Capricorns enjoy leading an empire (The Emperor), harness the courage (fire/heart chakra energy) to commit (Capricorn energy) to leadership roles & gifts (The High Priestess) bestowed upon you.

Mother Mary brings herself to the head of a Crossroads; a 4-way intersection. A decision has to be made: either run the route of stagnancy or crawl through transformation. Consequently, we’re healing and generating avenues to sustain growth. Boundaries being made (4 of Wands) to keep the peace. At first, this feels uncomfortable, risky, but in turn, enlightening. Besides, taking risks, scared or not, encourages believing in yourself. Crossroads says we’re breaking free of limiting patterns. Additionally, the number 4 amplifies structure. In fact, some of us may feel we’re creating a prison of our reality and looking for more vitality, more adventure. In order to do so, opening our roads, shedding the past is key.

Together, the Raccoon Baculum and Crossroads oracle cards signify journeying new horizons. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign; Cardinal signs are initiators, starters, originators. On that note, the New Moon in Capricorn ushers a path that will change you for bigger and better ventures. Furthermore, what original ideas need developing; what changes need to be made in order to stay out of the comfort zone and invoke positive, riveting change in how we express our feelings, take control of our reality, and provide compassion where needed. Equally, Raccoon Baculum coupled with the 4 of Wands tells me the intentions set for this moon cycle will be successful with a few unexpected gems. At the same time, stick figures of the wands and baculum signify fire, drive to work on goals and fight to have more than enough.

For instance, deciding which path to walk upon while at a crossroads can be intimidating, but this is why strengthening your intuition is important. Capricorn’s grounding earth energy revitalizes the vision. Mother Mary alongside Raccoon Baculum whispers sensual, creative energy. You’re turned on from simply imagining a luxurious life. Beyond that, a lot of us are feeling inspired. Special urges coming from the pit of your belly or nudges in your throat signify gravitating closer to your dreams and speaking your wishes affirmatively.

At times, sexual energy can be erratic; opening doors of unexpected draining energy. Stay protective, leave behind stragglers, and focus into planning, organizing, journaling. Someone here is interested in boosting their spiritual practice. Someone here needs to sharpen their spiritual hygiene; more cleansing baths and prayer work. Someone here wants to generate more income for their business (computer business or investigation business).

Another thought, Spirit told me something about taking that walk by yourself. The Emperor and Crossroads together tell me this is a road not for the faint of heart. Particularly, challenges, anger issues, frustrations with outside influences in order to get your point across. In fact, nature walks are helpful for those who live in the city. On that walk, you’ll come into memories & thoughts to reshape notions of the past and reshape your thoughts around anger.

Following this, there are two crosses in the spread; on The High Priestess and Mother Mary. To begin with, both crosses appear white in color which is the color of purity, renewal. The Cross is a representation of life & death; reconstruction versus destruction. Yet, when we hit rock bottom and there is nowhere left to go, we’re stuck in a corner with our faith and piece it back together. 4 energy can sometimes get stuck if there is no outlet or form of release to keep energy flowing. Use this new moon energy to commit to your own needs and well-being; come back to life from unproductivity. In other words, focus on skills and interests which are familiar to you; master those and grow. We are all creating empires, gardens; landscapes which run wide & long.

Hence, to maintain this new-new, it encompasses commitment, attentiveness and concentration.

Above all, the ambition of Capricorn energy is understanding how to cultivate a seed into a tree and enjoy the shade it brings.

Happy New Moon!


Capricorn season runs through to January 19, 2022. Click here to read up on what the Winter Solstice is offering you for the remainder of winter.


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