Honey, Can You Handle It?

You’re getting your dick sucked, you’re rubbing her titties, and everything is feeling amazing. You like how she feels in your hands and how she moans in your ear.

You try to spice things up a little by talking dirty or getting a bit rough.

But stops you to tell you how to handle her. She either says go slow, go faster; how to eat her pussy while you’re slurping on her clit, and you’re almost annoyed. You pull her into a certain position, but she switches up on you before you can enjoy her legs up.

You get annoyed that you’re in the moment and going with the flow. But yet, this lady is trying to tell you how to please. You have years of experience, right? You’ve made a few girls squirt before, but this girl isn’t taking your mojo like a slice of apple pie on Thanksgiving.

Your mind gets a bit ahead of you and you begin to wonder why does she want all these new things in bed. New positions that you hadn’t done before, methods to eating pussy that were unheard of. You feel as though she’s building a new sex buddy. While all this time you thought she enjoyed the sex because of your skills.

Can you handle the idea that a woman is more sexually experienced than you? Are you capable of knowing you just may not know enough sexually to satisfy her, and taking advice from her is a possibility? Can you be okay knowing you are not the only sexual partner she’s had?

Men do not want to teach a woman in bed, but disgusted if she has “too much experience” and “too many” partners.

Too many is subjective and can mean any number. There is no right or wrong number when the most important factor is the quality of sexual experience you have.

It is easier for a woman to please in bed because most dicks are pretty much the same in sensation and how to work it (sorry, not sorry).

But this department is challenging for men. Every clit and labia are unalike; every pair of breasts are in a variety sizes; women just feel and react differently to sensations.

Women take time to know what they like in bed. They aren’t trying to hurt your ego if they guide you to their orgasm.

I suggest you leave your ego outside the bedroom. Ego is a matter of fear; an attribute to holding you back and making you think you aren’t enough. This will not help you with your partner.

One time while being eaten out, I couldn’t get myself to focus on cum’n. I wanted him to stop eating me out. Not because I wasn’t into it, but I was focused on a million other things. To prevent him from wasting more time, I offered getting to penetration, using my sexiest voice. Instead of getting the hint or following my head, he swatted my hand away and later on told me I have to let him do what he’s doing. *Eye Roll*

That did not encourage me to be vocal about what I want in bed.

Women are capable of receiving quality of pleasure in bed as much as giving it. We are not here as fillers for your sex life.

Here’s some ways to become more open to an assertive woman:

  • Communication before and after sex
    • It’s almost as though you’re receiving a lesson on how to please her. You may ask a few questions on what she likes, and afterwards, you ask how well you did. This is a great alternative to prevent her from stopping you in the middle of sex
  • Giving out suggestions of what you like in bed
    • When you express what you enjoy in bed, this encourages your partner to be open as well and it gives you insight on what she is into
  • Sharing Time
    • Letting your lady take the lead is a bit uncomfortable. Ease yourself into this by letting her take control with certain parts of the session. Maybe even asking her how does she want it so give her incentive to take the lead. You’re indirectly taking control by giving her control.

From the mind of a woman, I advise you to listen to your lady with an open mind. She knows her body more than you, and she’s only making sure you please her the right way. In the end, it’s a win-win situation and practice makes perfect.

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