My Newfound Love For Yoni Steaming

Yoni steaming—Yoni derives from the Sanskrit word for womb or vagina—is an ancient practice used by women to reconnect with their self, revitalize their pussy, and heal their wombs.

I gave my body a massive treat as part of my New Moon Ritual and commenced a yoni steam. A relaxing and profound experience I plan to do multiple times.

Benefits include: detoxification, increase fertility, regulate menstrual symptoms and bleeding during periods, can even cure any yeast infections. Some herbal blends help raise libido and enhance sexual experiences.

Do not partake in a yoni steam if you’re pregnant, have your period, open wounds around your vagina, or have any type of IUD or any piercings (the steam can make the metal hot, therefore burning you).

I set the mood to be completely attuned to my experience. A few candles, dim lighting, and mediation music. I made the water extremely hot to keep the steam going. It’s almost like I was making herbal tea for the yoni steam.

herbal blend (Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula, Mugwort, Damiana) before steam

Next, I went into a seated squat over the bowl, similar to Child’s Pose in yoga and leaned over a stack of pillows. I also had a blanket wrapped around my waist to keep the steam from escaping.

I’m very restless and fidgety, so the entire 20 minutes went surprisingly quickly. However, I still caught myself moving here and there every 5 minutes or so.

I went with the flow with this experience, and I knew I had to be one with myself, but I didn’t know what to really say or do. Some women expressed releasing certain things during this time, I didn’t do that exactly.

Instead, I recited affirmations (in my head) about what I have or what I want. Kind of boosting myself up in my head.

So anyway, the steam on my pussy felt amazing. I can’t quite explain it any better than that. It was almost like someone was blowing warm air on my coochie. You know the warm towels they give you after washing your hands during a manicure? Imagine that, but on your pussy lips. So cozy! I felt like someone was hugging me with a heated blanket just from my vagina and whispering everything will be okay.

After 20 minutes, about 90 percent of the steam subsided. I felt way too relaxed. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I felt horny, but was too sleepy to masturbate. I realized the steam made my pussy feel plump, in a sense.

the herbal blend afterwards

Anyway, I laid down and went to sleep right afterwards. The next day, weird to say, I felt like my pussy was there but not there. Does that make sense? I mean, my pussy was with me, but on Cloud 9 somewhere else in a whole other dimension.

The herbal blend was created by me with the help of Ashley Asatu’s expertise. Last summer, I attended her Pussy Pamper party. Although I had my period at the time and could not fully partake in the intimate festivities of yoni steaming, I walked away with loads of knowledge and a glorious blend of herbs. The blend included Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, and Damiana, and a little Mugwort; it exuded a floral, calming aroma. I realized after the fact I did not need the entire bag in my bowl of water. A little goes a long way, but I practically emptied my entire bag. Sigh. But I like to think of it as the steam was extra poignant just for me.

I also noticed my PMS symptoms were very different. To get personal, typically I may have swollen or tender breasts about 10 days before my period. But this time, my symptoms only happened until the day before my period came; they did not last as long. Sweet.

I plan to yoni steam again! Maybe every new moon and/or full moon, not so often, but this is not the last time.

If you have experienced a yoni steam before (or want to), let me know in a comment below.

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