Juicys Special: Session 10.

When I was in college I had the best time of my life! I literally felt like a celebrity with no contract; because I had a lot of influence and women loved me. I was never used to so much women liking me so I felt like I was at the top of my game and EVERYTHING was possible (romantically). Even though this was my present reality, I always aspired to be a great husband and father one day. I wanted to be a marriage counselor for God’s sake! I loved love and the idea of sharing your life with ONE person. Until one day things changed.

I was working at the mall at the time and every time during my lunch break I’ll walk over to the food court. On the way to the food court there was this kiosk that sold cell phone cases, and a beautiful, curvaceous and very quiet girl worked there. I had to approach her!

When I approached the kiosk I pretended to be interested in buying a cell phone case, but I really just wanted to be in her guts. Eventually, I got her twitter and the flirting commenced. I’m not attractive enough to just be talking through social media and texts. I’m a sapiosexual and attract women who are the same. My personality and charisma is what get these women to fall for me. So, I tried SOOO MANY times to take her for a night out where I can show her the man and dick she’ll never forget about. So we started having lunch in the mall and then she told me she had a man but she liked me and wanted to chill with me but it’s not easy because she lived with her man. In that present moment, I was like ”YESSSSSSS!!! Just sex and dassit!” So i was like it’s cool, I can be your lil side man. We were clear with each other now.

On our first lil cheap date, she was playing hard to get so I fell back and respected that. At the end of the day, she’s doing the crime – so i thought. On our second date we went out for drinks and went to my place. WE. WASTED. NO. TIME. AND. HAD. AMAZING. SEX! The sex where it’s so good that when its done she’s just laying there naked covering her face trying to grasp everything that just happened. She. Was. Hooked. But low key, so was I.

Everyday in the mall we chilled and had lunch and I wanted to see her at least 3x a week. I told her but, HER MAN. It was difficult for her. She had to play 2 roles and not get caught. So I understand. Eventually she found an excuse and now we were having sex more often which eventually turned into daily sex. We turned into bunnies, literally fucking our asses to sleep.

At that time I didn’t believe in paying for hotels, especially for a woman with a man. I don’t care, i was so against it! I had this big car that I called “Hotel on Wheels”. And that was our room. We drove through different cities just pulling over to smash and even spend the night in the car. A LOT. Funny shit is that we had pillows, blankets and padding for a good night sleep. LOL. We’d shower in gyms and ate in small restaurants. It was like a damn private sex tour! We were hooked to each other, we were each other’s best sexcapades AND we had a lot of first time scenarios with each other. Like cumming together first, role playing – with props too, and more!

If I didn’t see her, it was a problem because I started to get a little jealous and she also didn’t want me to have a girl so I thought it was unfair. We literally had a unique connection and VERY HIGH sexual chemistry. Eventually, she’d ”break up” with dude and stayed with me. She wanted to be exclusive, and as soon as she told me that, I shut down! I didn’t want to. I felt like i couldn’t trust her. I did so many things with that girl and then she’ll go home and lay next to that poor man, that I couldn’t give her THAT kind of chance. So eventually she started growing some resentment towards me and I started having severe trust issues.

Today, I’m still working on the trust issues I have. I promised myself that I would never do anything with a girl who’s taken. It’s not healthy for us. We think we’re doing great and at the top of the world in the moment, but in reality it’s harming us! I’ve sat and listen to this girl lie to her man with my dick in her mouth. That was detrimental for me because when I got in relationships, I never believed the women and I was always worrying and always stressing. It affected my health!

This was an experience that taught me a lot. Not just about relationships but about life. We have to make sure that we think of the consequences of our actions. Because we affect people in many ways! I remember sharing stories with my little cousins and they used to praise me and tell me that they was and wanted to do the same. I saw 2 out of my 4 cousins go through what I went through and that tore me. Because, it wasn’t who they are! There was 4 boys in that cycle and even though I steered them right again, I make sure to think of my actions because of their consequences.

That’s my story.

— Del Patio


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