#RealWorldSex: BabelandMakesLove with Sex Toys

Babeland and MakeLoveNotPorn paired up for an exclusive screening of #RealWorldSex” and I was one of the lucky ones in attendance.

We watch porn all the time. Unfortunately, there is an enormous amount of porn that depicts unrealistic sex.

My first time seeing a woman squirt was while watching porn. To this day, I have never squirted. Porn seriously had me thinking something was wrong with me. I was watching girls squirt on command and it left me mind-blown. As I became sexually mature, I understood our bodies in real life are not the same as porn. Porn is an abyss of fantasies, desires, and imagination.

Plenty of porn caters to the male POV, subjecting women to weird, dominant things.

If porn was real, then Game of Thrones is real and dragons exist. This is a reach but it’s a perfect analogy between real life and fantasy.

Men watch porn, meet a girl and expect her to run a marathon like a porn star. What bothers me most is that these are the men who often are unable to perform with the stamina of a porn star. is a video-sharing membership platform. Their motto is perhaps my favorite thing to say right now: “Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.” MakeLoveNotPorn encourage good sexual values and good sexual behaviors. Their message remains distinct; letting their viewers know this is not your typical “Amateur” category. For the purpose of remaining affordable and supportive, members are able to rent videos for $5 and half goes to the creator of the video.

This is a community of regular-degular folks like you, like me, like your neighbor, like your friend you think doesn’t even know how to masturbate.

Babeland, my favorite sex store in the NYC-area, provides sex toys catering to ALL: couples, singles, moresomes, and all genders. Significantly, Babeland knows when it comes to bringing sex toys in the bedroom with our partner, we get intimidated. Because we want it to work out smoothly the first time, our nervousness takes away the fun.

On the other hand, playing around and laughing it off is what makes sex toys fun in the first place. Hence teaming with MLNP was an opportunity to show people––who are not porn stars––using sex toys.

#RealWorldSex showed real people using sex toys. All the giggles, nervousness, and satisfaction raveled together in the 30-minute film.

The film showed a variety of couples and singles, marveling in each other’s comfort. For one thing, the comedic moments each couple shared was very relatable and reflected my own sexual occurrences. Furthermore, I realized majority of us pretty much experience the same things. In fact, the video illustrated intimacy in a sexy and relaxed tone.

Curator of MakeLoveNotPorn, Sara Beall, provided a few tips to craft your own video depicting real life sex. In order to have a fun time recording, make sure your battery is charged and it’s better to record before finishing. Not to mention, having morning sex is better to avoid lighting problems.

Check your local Babeland for sex toys and workshops. The associates are toy experts and make you feel comfortable with whatever journey you have in front of you.

After all, sex toys and porn are our friends. Understanding your partner and being comfortable with yourself will help you separate porn and reality.

Do you have a favorite sex toy? Let me know in a comment below. You can also submit a short and sexy story of your time with your own sex toy.

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