5167 Patek Philippe on the wrist (Uh)
Why we in the bed? We could’ve did it in the whip
Baby, I’m just tryna fuck (Fuck), not make love (No)

If you tryna have some kids, that’s a dub
Said I’m ’bout to put this condom on right now (Now)
From the look up in your eyes (From the look up in your eyes)
You already told me once (You already told me)
So you don’t gotta tell me twi-i-ice (Yeah)

Harley’s legs were intertwined with her dance partner. They were three songs deep in the basement party. She liked how he kept his hands firmly on her waist without going lower or higher. He had long dreadlocks that shadowed his face when she looked up at him. Yes, he was tall. Definitely over six feet, which was a dream come true. The bass of the song could be gently felt up from the floor boards. Their bodies swayed side to side, her face pressed against his chest.

During the peak of summer, backyard parties were in full effect. Harley knew she wanted to meet someone this time around the sun. She was tired of spending her winters alone. She wanted companionship and all that lovey-dovey shit that people post about all day. Her kryptonite was meeting guys at parties. It was dating rule 101 that if you wanted consistency, you don’t blind date at a party; especially during the summer. And if Harley let her girls tell it, Harley’s night would not start off with two double shots to end up fawning over some tall dude in a party.

Baby, jump up on this bike, look forward and pedal
Let me rock your world, you never had this hard metal
Baby, I’m a gangster, gentleman in disguise
Just came home after doin’ some time

This guy made her loins warm. With long locks like this, she kept imagining they were on some typical island, drunk off margaritas and rum punch. Typical romantic shit that made Harley want him even more. He had a wide smile with fat lips, each smirk revealed small dimples on both ends of his lips. All through these songs and they danced in silence.

Out of the corner of her eye, Harley saw her watchdog of a friend, Yulisa, staring back at her with a judgey eye. Blocking that immediately, her attention went back to her future-something. Harley wrapped one hand around the base of his neck, bringing her other hand to rest on his bicep. A rather defined, strong bicep. She kept a steady pace rocking her hips against his body.

The slow grinding was making her pussy soak up. She knew leaving this party without his number would be a flop. The party was off road in someone’s newly inherited brownstone in the heart of Brooklyn. String lights framed the square of the basement, changing from yellow to red to blue to green. Each time the color turned green, Harley liked how her dance partner’s eyes easily lit up. Crowded between far too many people, cups clinked for cheers and joints float in deep pools of smoke.

All you wanna do is gas me
How we end up in the backseat?
Just tryna get to the bag

We on the same page, you the same way

Unexpectedly, Harley felt he nuzzled his nose in her neck, and the quick wisp of his breath sent goosebumps up her entire body. The music was fading in the background. Now she was ready to leave. His natural scent was rich shea butter mixed with soft cologne. It was sexy as hell watching his chest appear in the opening of his loose button-up, his gold chain exposed between the lapels of his shirt. She just wanted to rub her hands across his chest.

Doin’ our thing, movin’ too fast
Candy paint with the windows all black
Seats crème brûlée, what they gon’ say?

“I can’t believe it’s been the same song playing for so long,” his voice was deep and husky. “I’m Brandon.” Brandon. The name echoed in her mind for a few milliseconds. Brandon knew how to make a girl weak in the knees. He brought his hand a bit lower to rest right on the bottom of her back and gripped her waist to turn her around. Her back was pressed against his torso and their slow rocking persisted.

She wore a white backless halter-top paired with loose boyfriend jeans that sat on her hips. Her bare skin to the patch of his bare chest was enough to let her forget she had friends. “Will you be offended if I told you I want to kiss you right now?” Wow. Manners. Brandon’s kind consideration came from the back and throttled her pussy by now. His arms poured forward in front of her, bringing her into a tight bear hug to bring her neck closer to his lips.

Wow. Harley swooned, bringing her head slightly back and to the side so he could go Dracula on her ass if he wanted to. Their dancing kept bumping from side to side and she could feel his hug from the back was turning into massive caressing all over her stomach and waist. Harley was unaware of the time and wanted to keep it that way. His heavy body felt like a weighted blanket on her petite frame.

Up all night baby, when we gon’ slide? Yeah
Up all night baby, when we gon’ slide? Oh, oh
Up all night baby, when we gon’ slide?

The song was cut off abruptly into a Hip-Hop song to end the six-song streak of R&B. The DJ blared his excitement into the mic, getting his crowd hyped and amped for the finest party in the neighborhood. He did more talking than disc jockeying, but the crowd went insane for his request to wave their hands and shout their readiness to party.

Harley turned around to Brandon, pressing her body into his. He looked down at her, devilish smile across his face. Brandon brought his hand to the back of Harley’s neck to pull her into a kiss. And another kiss; and another until they were hands on in the corner of the party. Brandon brought his hands to Harley’s back, feeling against her soft and glistened skin. He let out an exhale into a small grunt of frustration into her neck. She felt his heart beating quickly against her chest.

By now, Harley avoided looking around the party out of fear that her friend would appear. Her eyes were fixated on Brandon, sexual frustration written all over his face beneath the strobe lights of blue and green. “Let’s get out of here.” Harley yelled into his ear above the heavy music, but Brandon was looking behind her.

“Harley, we have gotta go!” Yulisa tugged Harley’s shoulder, practically prying her off Brandon.

“Right now? Like right this minute?” Harley lowered her hand to gesture to Brandon.

Yulisa had a blank stare and rolled her eyes. “Gabby just threw up all over the bathroom. This is a brownstone. How many bathrooms do you think there is?” Harley wanted two more seconds with Brandon, but a huge man wearing an obviously old, dirty shirt that said “security” came up to the two of them, his hand tightly holding Gabby by the arm. “See.” Yulisa shrugged her shoulders, not caring that her friend just met a sex god. “Grab her other arm and let’s get out of here before they try and charge us a cleaning fee.”

Harley turned her head looking for Brandon. He was already further away, pulled away with his own friends. She tried to gain eye contact without calling out his name, but the music was too loud and people were already hopping and jumping to the next song. She spotted one or two girls sliding over closer to grab his attention. What a disaster of a mess. Gabby could barely stand straight as the girls struggled to bring her outside.

A few moments later, Gabby was on the side of the street throwing up the same two double shots Harley and Yulisa had before they left for the party. Harley was leaning on someone’s car, checking through her phone. “So much for a bomb summer.” Harley laughed to herself and closed her phone. Random groups of people stumbled out from the basement party. Harley pulled her phone back out just to keep her head low as she looked up for Brandon. But there was no massive dreadlock man walking the street. The taxi pulled up to the curb, Yulisa and Harley put together all their strength to get Gabby in comfortably without risking exposed vaginas from the short dress she wore.

Once the car took off and she saw Brandon walking down the block without noticing her, Harley decided her summer was over. It was only June.

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