Southern Caramel Taffy (Part 2)

“Well, I’m comfortable with you coming over here to me.” And that he did.

He rubbed my pussy through the thin lace of my thong. The sensations were speeding up my stomach and to my nipples. He gave my pussy quick and firm circular motions, purposely not entering his fingers inside me. His hand switched from my pussy to my nipples. I used my tongue to lick his lips in between our kisses.

He positioned himself before me, readying to place his face between my legs, but I rejected it. “Next time,” I said. Which, I had not a clue on why I said that because I knew we weren’t from the same hometown and I had no idea when I would see him again. He obliged and we continued kissing passionately. A few moments later he says, “No. I’m not not going to eat you out.”

He pulled my panties to the side, and licked my flesh with his warm tongue. I melted into the bed. My soul was on the floor somewhere. It felt so amazing. He lapped my pussy up like a slice of pie fresh out the oven. As if my peaches were oozing from the sides and he wanted every last drop. I could not breathe. His tongue grazed my clit powerfully and he would not stop.

My pussy was watering profusely and he gathered it all up with his tongue. My shortness of breath was colliding with my intoxicated mind and I couldn’t keep my voice lowered. My vocal chords produced pleasurable sounds of exhales and moans. My fingers mixed with his dreadlocks, holding onto his head as he devoured me.

He came up and held my legs open. His thick dick protruded with one single vein trailing across. He started off slow, giving me the chance to accept him inside my warmth and get used to his size. The session of sensual fucking cradled me over the edge. He used his strokes in ways to say he appreciated me, craved every piece of my body.

His hips created a rhythm with no interruption and my body thawed in pleasure. Whether my legs were on his shoulders, laid to the side or knees touching my own shoulders, he was reaching my spot countless times. No space in between our bodies, and we continued to kiss and exchange tongue.

Two rounds later and he lay across the bed while I freshened up in the bathroom. I surprised him with a hot cloth and cleaned him up. From massaging his balls and using my mouth to suck on the tip, he was dazed out and uttering moans. I saw the sun peeking from the balcony, and I completely forgot we were in the middle of nighttime’s business hours. I suckled his dick more, pressing the warm cloth against his balls and keeping his dick warm. His breathing sped up a little and I matched my oral motions with it.

I woke up before checkout. He rolled over and said, “You sure you have to go?” I assured him I needed to go. The morning drowsiness crept in between us and our lips meshed together. His tongue glazed mine and he pulled me on top of him. We were in sync as our bodies completed a simple back and forth rhythm.

I swayed my hips on top of him in a very slow and steady motion. I teased myself, knowing the tip of his dick was right beneath me, but continued to avoid it with each circular motion. He kept his hands gripped on my hips, not controlling my moves, but pivoting his hips upward to try and complete the dance. My pussy moistened even more with aches and I rocked back to let his tip inch inside me.

He took control with patient and unhurried strokes, melting with my every inside. My hands rested on the wall above him to support my hip movements. I bounced my ass up and down, enjoying his hands run up my back. The harder I moved up and down, the firmer he came back to meet me.

The curve of his dick made friends with my spot and I felt my clit throbbing. My orgasm was getting closer and I swayed quicker. My face buried in his dreadlocks and neck, breathing in his sweat. He grazed his face against me, “Use me,” he spoke. The words flushed a deep orgasm out of me. I bit down on my lip, and felt the intensity rumble beneath my stomach. My body stretched with commotion and I rested on top of him. Our breathing filled the room, combining with the windy rain hitting the room windows.

“You sure you have to go?” Déjà vu danced around his words. He kissed my hand and caressed his face with my palm. “Thank you for spending your time with me.”

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