Laced Encounters

Her arms spread across the blanket she gripped onto. I was settled in between her legs, she pulsated over my dick, and she was dripping excessively. I buried my face in her neck, breathing her grapefruit and orange aroma lined on her collar bone. My sweat dripped on her and she accepted everything graciously.

I hovered above her, watching the way her lips pinched between her teeth. I loved seeing her in her lace bras. She wore a black one tonight, with lace forming into small butterflies. Her eyes closed and her neat eyebrows pursed from her symphonic moans. I did this thing where I really didn’t care about being pleased; I wanted to make sure she felt every single second of attention that I poured out of myself. I wanted to give her all of me each and every time.

Her excitement spilled across my dick. Her legs quivered and tightened around me. I heard her give a deep groan and she pulled me on top of her. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her tongue ran across my ear. I stroked slowly, nearly losing my cool already because of each and every convulsion her pussy created.

The more she sucked on my earlobe, the rougher my transition to the edge became. “Stop licking my ear.”

Her laugh was light, my favorite. “No way.” Her tongue stroked the outer edge of my ear, a shiver of surprise rolled down my back.

“You’re going to be pissed in about five seconds; keep it up.” I tried to slow my breathing down to keep up with her, but she knew what she was doing.

She kept up with making a meal out of my ear. Goosebumps stormed across my body with each passing stroke. I could not hold on any longer, and once her teeth sank into my earlobe I felt my nut stream cooly inside her. I lay lifeless upon her, gathering a few breaths before moving to lay beside her.

I didn’t have to look at her to know she was smizing and enjoying the agony she put me through. I peeked out the corner of my eye to watch her next move. She creamed me out, rubbed me across her clit and licking her fingers.

She was nasty; my ultimate favorite.

We laid beside each other, panting away our exhaustion. She threw her leg across my waist and ran her hands up and down my chest. “I missed you so much.” She honeyed her words. Her breath became sheer as glisten across her body. “Cuba was nice, but could’ve been better. I wish I was able to text you or even be there with you.” Now it was too much honey seeping from her lips.

Propped up on her arm, she looked at me. I loved looking at her; how deep her round brown eyes were. I responded with a nod, massaging her foot softly and welcomed the easiness to my breath. She felt soft all over, probably from sunbathing on the beach and rolling around in the sand.

She showed me pictures from her week-long trip. We never went that long without speaking. Sometimes a day or two, but never more than four days. I was very precise with our communication. I didn’t want to do too much or too less, and she always met me halfway. On the fourth day, she either sent me a sexy picture or text me dirty words.

Or if she really missed me, upon my awakening, I received a special voice note with her symphonies in the way I liked.

Each picture from Cuba, showed her looking beautiful. Her skin tanned into a dark, ebony wood. Her face without wrinkles or creases, and sparkled from the Cuban heat. She scrolled quickly past a few pictures I knew I didn’t want to see. “This is the Christ of Havana statute. It was so beautiful, baby! I felt majestic just standing next to it and just looking at it.”

“You’re majestic, babe.” I pulled her lips to mine. She laughed in between kisses and brought my attention back to her phone.

We stayed like that for a few more minutes. She talked my ear off about Old Havana, Cuban food, Morro Castle, and the beach. I could tell she was leaving out details; catching them smoothly before spilling.

Her phone rang.

“Shit, I didn’t even realize the time.” 6:04 P.M.

She sat up quickly, spotting each of her clothes sprawled across my room.

She reached for her panties off the floor, but I took her hand. She rolled her eyes. “I’m not going through this with you right now.”

“You were gone a whole week. You haven’t even been here the whole day.” She gazed at me from across the bed. I tried to pout, but it wasn’t in my nature. I often get what I want.

The silent stand-off took place for a solid three minutes. She watched me watch her, and I folded my arms behind my head. I gave a small smirk, and I could see her brain overheated. She twiddled the sheets between her fingers and I leaned over to her, putting her nipple from her caged lace bra and put her nipple in between my lips. Her body melted slightly despite her stiffness. My tongue rounded around the fluffy part of her breasty pillows. My licks were light and swift, the kind of licks that inevitably trembled her body.  

Suddenly I heard, “Fine.”

She made a phone call while snuggled underneath my arm. “Hey, Ashley. Yes, I’m fine. Work is driving me crazy, so I’ll probably call you when I get home. No, you don’t have to pick me up. I promise, I’ll be fine. I’m going to visit my mom afterwards; probably stay the night. I promise. I miss you, too. Yes, I wish we could get back to Cuba, too. Reality sucks, baby. Let me get back to work, I’ll call you later.”

She licked my nipple and got on top of me. “I don’t want to hear another complaint for the rest of the night.”

“Your wish is my command.”

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