Instead of the Girl Next Door, Cerise encounters the Girl Upstairs. From muffled moans and audible sounds of pleasure, Cerise discovers her own desires are within reach once she comes face to face with her neighborly mystery woman.

One of many restless nights tossing and turning in a sweaty bed from another humid summer night. Cerise rolled over on her side and watched the 4:16 display on the digital clock. 

This week in particular, a new heatwave hit the small city. Summer season began filling bedrooms and living rooms with thick humidity all through the night. Air conditioners buzzed at high speed to combat the sunniest time of year. Except Cerise’s, yet again, another week she forgot to purchase a new air conditioner.

 Cerise watched the minutes pass from 4:16 to 4:17 to 4:18. Suddenly, a bang slammed, coming from the flooring above her. The walls were thick in her residence, but thin enough to hear voices from time to time. She recently moved in two months ago and getting acquainted with the neighborhood through local dive bars and quick eateries.

Cerise was used to exploring random towns became Cerise’s normal after graduating college. She faced a new city at least four times in the year. Her traveler spirit and artful skills gave her the ability to social climb. She loved relocating as her heart desired. So far, the western hemisphere gave her stability and connection while being far from wherever she called home. Along with an amazing job and an amazing boss who encouraged her to explore the new surroundings. But the dry season dragged in high temperatures with little to no rain for cooldown. Mostly keeping Cerise to simple tasks indoors or not outside for too long because she just couldn’t get along with this humidity.

The thump came again, but this time, Cerise heard it directly from above her bed. She heard her upstairs neighbor strut into their bedroom. Analyzing the sharp taps, Cerise envisioned stiletto heels as the wear of the evening. She started to imagine the shoes; whether they were tall and skinny heels or thick and chunky with straps going up the legs.

Then, Cerise heard another pair of shoes hit to the floor. And another. Now, she was intrigued. Without warning came squeaking thuds. Cerise listened intently, yet tried not to. But what else could she do at four in the morning? It was clear her neighbor chose this time of the morning to be active. In this type of heat, Cerise was in disbelief. “She probably has an air conditioner,” Cerise groaned out loud.

In an attempt to obscure out the noises, Cerise let out as many angry shouts as her throat could handle into her bed pillow. But all it did was make her more hot, fanning for air and needing sleep.

Muffled noise filled the corners of Cerise’s bedroom, much too far from her lonesome bed. She sighed from frustrated boredom as her old fan breezed her once more. The hushed moans grew increasingly louder with each jolt the bed made against the flooring. There were multiple voices and Cerise couldn’t make out clearly what was said by whom.

All this was too new to Cerise and a little too close for comfort. Yet, again, her curiosity forced her to quiet her mind and listen even harder. At this point, the thumping of her heartbeat competed with the thumping upstairs. 

A warm breeze from outdoors moved the curtains, exposing the entrance of her small bedroom balcony. The outside wind enticed Cerise to leave the bed. She gathered strength and let the draft brush her skin as she walked on the balcony. Any distraction was a good distraction. Even a sweaty night like this didn’t call for any type of nightwear. The cooling wind caressed the sensitive skin around her nipples and hips. City buildings lit up, traffic red lights turned green. For a few seconds, Cerise forgot what time it was and why she was up in the first place. 

While standing on the balcony, Cerise heard panting and heavy breathing from above. Immediately, the impulse to rush back inside came over her. Yet, as soon as her foot touched the bedroom floor, voices could be heard distinctively.

“You look so perfect taking this dick just like this. Oh, my God. I want to look into your eyes. Look at me.”

Cerise’s eyes widened listening to the slurping and spit that followed the passionate decree. The man’s partner released stifled groans. Since her mouth is full, Cerise assumed to herself. She didn’t know what to expect, but it most certainly was not that. This man expressed admiration for the performance he received. Cerise’s stomach twisted in waves after realizing she had no physical imagery, and thus felt she was violating an unseen bond. Tottering between going inside or staying outside became a clear decision for Cerise to make now. 

But yet, there she lingered, eavesdropping and wondering. Her indecisiveness crept her closer to the outside wall than inside her bedroom. Her ears pulsed and radiated with curiosity, and she calmly listened to her free audio porn.

“Fuck, you know what the fuck you’re doing. Keep going. Faster.” This man was eager, excited and vocal. His voice carried enough bass to create random goosebumps across Cerise’s naked body. Cerise contemplated how recognizable the deep voice seemed. “Please.” He started begging for more. “You suck… this dick so good. So good. Let me see that. tongue, baby.” From his shortness of breath, Cerise began analyzing whether she’s seen this unknown around the residence. She struggled to imagine if this person was tall or stout, however, the tone held girth. Biting on her lip now, Cerise noticed she still didn’t relocate. Her feet planted firmly on the balcony now, she pressed her back to the wall. Hoping her hidden body would also hide the energy of her discreet presence.

The panting and slurping progressed and the man’s pleasure grew noisier. “Tell me what you want. Anything.” The pleading sent waves vibrating to Cerise’s pussy immediately. Her ears were caressed and aroused through sound; from the base of her tummy to the tip of her clit. A warm sensation overcame her body as she listened in. Sweat moistened beneath her breasts and she wished the breeze picked up once more to alleviate her sudden excitement. Whatever little air her body felt showed through hardened nipples and an ache in between her thighs. Biting her lips was the best she could do to bring herself back to reality. But the finale seemed too far from approaching.

Yet, once the woman spoke, Cerise’s entire body froze despite being unseen. “I want it all over me. Cum all over me.” Cerise’s mind began racing and she rushed inside. That buttery and silky voice was her boss’s voice. There’s no way her upstairs neighbor was her boss, right?

to be continued…

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