Options: Dating Game Rules for Multiple Players and Few Rules

Dating is a big pile of mix-match socks. It can be overwhelming, tiring, and irritating, but once we find that matching sock, all is okay in the world. It’s become a popular question about whether dating should include multiple people or just one. The technical answer is date multiple people until you agree on exclusivity with just one. But, everyone is different. Here are a few tips of advice to help you figure things out.


Know Thy Self

Take a second to ask yourself what kind of dater you are. I have friends who only date one person at a time, whereas I am completely okay with getting to know more than one person before I make a final decision. If you are not mentally or emotionally the type to have two or five persons texting/calling you to meet up, then you do not have to put yourself in that position. Ask yourself what kind of attention you like, how you like to date, and what can your sanity handle. It is okay to have options and be choosey in drafting your number one player.


This is the part everyone gets scared to do because they’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or be rejected. Do not be afraid to take risks! Remember your peace of mind comes first. Speak up if you want to become exclusive with someone and/or speak up if you are no longer interested. No one can be upset with you for keeping your intentions and thoughts transparent.


Dating is, nonetheless, a journey within itself. I enjoy dating because I am a social person and really have fun getting to know someone to create an experience. There are places or events you’ve never heard of until someone exposes you to it. Always have fun with your date and make the most of it with an open mind. This is the #1 perk to dating: everyone has different tastes, culture upbringing, and it only colors your view of the world.

Process of Elimination

Lastly, the hardest part about dating is getting rid of those you can do without. We meet people who either grind our gears or make us relaxed. A lot of what we feel is instant. If you have five people texting your phone, but you only have great chemistry with two, the best step is to let the others know you are not interested. This keeps your dating life simple and to the point. Dating does not mean you will marry this person. A lot of people get this idea misconstrued and they’re afraid they have to stick with someone because of one date. It does not have to be commitment until you both decide to take that step together.


In essence, going on a date is a no-strings-attached outing. Getting a drink or taking a stroll through the park is only time spent to figure out if you want to spend even more time together. You may hit it off, you may not, but there is no harm done when you are upfront. Whatever step you decide to take in your dating life, always be safe, mindful, and most importantly, have fun.

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