Common & Natural Remedies to Avoid Yeast Infections

Common ways to maintain our pussy health has always been up in the air. But most remedies are easy and right in our own home.

Getting acquainted with my pussy was in effort to understand what or why things went wrong. We read a lot of labels with ingredients we can’t pronounce, and I began to question how could this thing possibly be good for me.

What we eat, how much we eat of it, plays a factor in the way our pussy smells, feels, and secretes. Our pussy is a walking washing machine! You don’t need to put anything with fragrances on it whatsoever.

I’m serious.

No Sweet Pea lotion, don’t bother to spray Cucumber Melon body mist. Those things will harm you, and though will make you smell good for the moment, in the long run, that scent will be hard to find.

Because our pussy cleans itself, we don’t have to go overboard with the soaps and oils. The most common vaginal “sickness” we may get is a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. You’ll know you have one if your pussy is itchy, red, swollen, or produces a thick, whitish discharge (commonly referred to as cottage cheese), along with a subtle odor. When there is an overflow of bacteria in our vagina, this results to an infection.

According to Scientific American, 75 percent of women encounter an occasional yeast infection. So don’t think you’re unhealthy just because you get one. It only means your pussy is sick with a common cold (so to speak) and it takes some remedies to get better. A reoccurring yeast infection requires medical attention.

Yeast infections are the most common vaginal infection women can receive. A lot of things can trigger it. Once your pH balances get out of order, it feels like hell to get it back. Though referred to as a sexually transmitted infection (STI), it is not commonly contracted that way. There are plenty of ways to get a yeast infection.

If you’re nervous about getting a yeast infection, there are ways to prevent it. Sexpert, and my favorite sex goddess on Twitter, Tyomi, offers a few tips to avoid a yeast infection:

I personally prefer apple cider vinegar (ACV) with peppermint tea. The peppermint takes away the tangy ACV taste. To balance your pH levels, ACV is a smooth and natural remedy. It’s great for your insides thanks to its antifungal enzymes and antioxidants. However, too much of it can cause a yeast infection, too! So no more than a tablespoon or teaspoon.

If ACV freaks you out, here are a couple remedies I have tried myself and find to work mildly:


  • It is not advised to insert this in your vagina. You’ll be a walking breadstick if you do, and then you really won’t get any man towards your walls. Adding some on your food or taking a supplement is a great way to put this in your diet. Garlic is another antifungal-packed herb.

Coconut Oil

  • Who doesn’t love coconut oil? It literally cures just about everything. When it comes to your vagina, this oil is friendly. You can use this as a lube during sex and as a remedy for your yeast infection. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal. So lather this all over your pussy lips for extra relief.


  • Yogurt contains probiotics that maintain the good bacteria in our pussy. Mostly because the good bacteria in yogurt is found in vaginas and it goes hand in hand. Studies have shown women who regularly ate yogurt, were less likely to contract a yeast infection. Someone may suggest you put the yogurt IN your vagina, I have not done that and I wouldn’t suggest it either.

Watch your diet, be mindful of what you’re cleaning your pussy with, and avoid getting festive with food in bed. Besides tongue, nothing else should be going on your pussy. Yes, that includes whip cream and chocolate syrup. You’ll be making an itchy, scratchy mistake if you do. Once your pussy is normal and regular, you’ll be able to give someone a taste anytime.

Lastly, if you’ve experienced a yeast infection before and know some remedies, offer in a comment below.

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