• “Why should I be ashamed to describe something nature was not ashamed to create?”





  • For years, I wanted to create a platform that incorporated sex and romance. I noticed people were getting out of touch with what sex and connecting truly means between ourselves, two people (or more). People are also getting out of touch with writing and reading.

    The ins and outs of sex and how love and lust dictate our daily encounters intrigue me. Being an avid reader and writer, I love to express my inquisitive thoughts. Life shaped my mental process when I approached pen and paper (or my keyboard), and I created more from my vivid imagination.

    Daze in Nesstalgia is my room filled with my erotic writings and experiences with sex and dating. A platform for men and women to read different ways to explore free of judgement; to explore your dating lifestyle and sexuality. Welcome to my Room is an invitation into my life. I want to give a sacred, relaxed realm with my writings. This is my sanctuary of pleasure, understanding and adventure for you.


    Join me in exploring pleasure. You deserve it.

    with tenderness, nesstalgicc