• “Why should I be ashamed to describe¬†something nature was not ashamed to create?”





  • For years, I craved to create a space for my writing to be enjoyed by avid readers and imaginative thinkers. Life shaped my mental process when I approached pen and paper (or my keyboard), and I create fluid stories from my vivid imagination. Adding spirituality into the blend of my life brought deeper understanding and healing.

    As I heal myself, I heal others. Daze In Nesstalgia guides you into my imagination, sharing my feelings and reviving your own healing and creative expression.

    Daze in Nesstalgia is my room filled with my erotic words, thoughts and feels. A platform to explore free of judgement; to discover your unique lifestyle and sensuality.

    Welcome to my Room is an invitation into my life. I am here to give you a sacred, relaxed realm. This is my sanctuary of pleasure, understanding and adventure for you.


    Join me in exploring the depths of your inner parts all over again.

    with tenderness, nesstalgicc